Train Horn for Car

A train horn for a car is an electronic device that reproduces the sound of a real locomotive horn. It can be used to attract attention in traffic situations and signal emergencies, such as when another vehicle has pulled out in front of you or when someone else isn’t paying attention to their driving. The horns are typically made from high-quality materials designed to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.

They come with adjustable volume levels so you can set it according to your needs. The installation process requires some basic wiring knowledge but is relatively straightforward overall. With a train horn for your car, you no longer have to worry about being heard amid all the noise on the road – everyone will know exactly where you are!

Train horns are becoming increasingly popular for cars and trucks due to their unique sound. Not only do they make your car look cool, but the loud honk is sure to get people’s attention! Car owners enjoy having a train horn on their vehicle and feel that it adds an extra layer of safety when they’re out on the road.

Plus, many find that the classic train whistle can be a great conversation starter at car shows or just around town. Train horns have come a long way since their days as locomotive accessories – now anyone can experience what it’s like to ride in style with this fun automotive accessory!

Is a Train Horn on a Car Legal?

No, it is not legal to install a train horn on your car. While the sound of a loud train horn may be thrilling and entertaining for some, it can also be dangerous and disruptive in residential areas where people are trying to sleep or relax. The excessive noise created by these horns violates local noise ordinances and can potentially lead to legal action being taken against you if you are caught with one installed on your vehicle.

Additionally, due to their high decibel levels, they pose potential health risks if used excessively or too close to pedestrians or other vehicles. Furthermore, many states require that all motor vehicles have an approved warning device such as an air-horn or factory-installed siren before they are allowed on public roads; installing a train horn would make your vehicle illegal in those states without the proper authorization from the Department of Transportation (DOT). For these reasons, it’s important that drivers understand the risk associated with having a train horn installed before deciding whether this type of modification is right for them.

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Train Horn on a Car?

Putting a train horn on your car can be an expensive but rewarding upgrade. A basic train horn setup can range anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on the quality of parts you purchase and whether you choose to have it professionally installed or do it yourself. If you’re looking for something higher-end, such as a premium 4-horn system, then prices could reach up to $1,000 or more.

The cost also increases if you need extra air tanks and compressors for the louder horns. It’s important to research all of the different options before making your decision so that you know what works best for your budget and needs.

How Do You Install a Train Horn in a Car?

Installing a train horn in your car can be an exciting and fun project. It requires some mechanical know-how, as well as the right tools and materials. First you’ll need to find the best location for your horn, keeping in mind any obstructions that may interfere with its performance.

Once you have chosen a spot for the horn, use a drill to create holes for mounting brackets. Next attach these brackets securely to the chassis of your vehicle using bolts or screws provided by the manufacturer of your specific model of train horn. After this is done, attach the wiring harnesses included with your kit to power up and connect all components together before attaching them firmly into place on their respective mounts inside the engine bay or elsewhere in your vehicle’s interior.

Finally mount and secure your air compressor according to instructions included with it before connecting it properly via tubing between itself and each component of your air system including valves, horns etc., paying special attention not to overtighten connections which can cause leaks or damage components over time due to vibration from everyday driving conditions. One more thing: always make sure that all fittings are completely sealed using appropriate sealants such as liquid gasketing material so they remain watertight even when subjected to extreme temperatures while operating!

What is the Horn That Sounds Like a Train?

The horn that sounds like a train is called an airhorn. It is typically used to signal danger or alert people of the presence of a vehicle, boat, or other large object. Airhorns are typically powered by compressed air and have been around since at least the late 1800s.

They produce a loud honking sound which can be heard from miles away, making them ideal for signalling emergency situations when other forms of communication may not be available. Airhorns are often used in maritime contexts such as on ships and boats, where they can alert nearby vessels to their presence and help prevent collisions between craft travelling in close proximity. In addition to this practical application, airhorns have also become popular with some car enthusiasts who use them as part of their aftermarket exhaust systems to give their cars an especially loud and distinctive sound.

Train Horn for Car


Loudest Train Horns for Trucks

Train horns for trucks are an increasingly popular way to make sure you can be heard on the road. These loud and distinctive horns can reach up to 150 decibels, making them one of the loudest vehicle accessories available. Train horn kits come with all necessary components such as air tanks, compressors and hoses so that they can be easily installed in any truck or car.

With their impressive sound output, these train horns are ideal for getting attention when needed and providing an extra layer of safety on the roads.

Truck Horn for Car

You can now purchase a truck horn for your car! A truck horn is an excellent way to make yourself heard on the road. It’s louder and more powerful than a standard car horn, so you can be sure that other drivers will hear you in traffic.

Truck horns come in different sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your vehicle perfectly. Plus, they are easy to install with minimal effort required. So if you want to increase your safety on the road, consider investing in a truck horn for your car today!

Train Horn for Truck

Truck train horns are an essential piece of safety equipment for any truck driver. These specialized horns can be heard from a much greater distance than a standard car horn, and provide the extra level of warning needed to alert other drivers on the road that they need to take caution. Truck train horns come in different shapes and sizes, with some featuring multiple tones or special effects for added impact.

Investing in a good quality train horn will ensure that your truck is equipped with one of the most reliable safety features available today.

Hornblasters Train Horn

Hornblasters Train Horns are the perfect way to add a unique sound to any vehicle. With an authentic train horn design, these horns can produce up to 150 decibels of sound, allowing you to be heard from miles away. They come in several different styles and sizes, so you can find one that best fits your needs.

Plus, they are easy to install and maintenance free for years of enjoyment.

Real Train Horns

Real train horns are powerful and effective warning devices that have been used on trains for hundreds of years. They produce a distinct sound that is loud enough to be heard from miles away, making them an essential piece of safety equipment for both railroad employees and civilians living near the tracks. The distinctive signal also serves as a reminder to drivers and pedestrians alike that they should exercise caution when crossing or driving alongside railway lines.

Train Horn for Sale

If you’re looking for a train horn, there are many options available for purchase. Train horns come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be powered by electric, air or steam. Most models feature authentic sound effects to mimic the real thing, allowing you to add an extra bit of flair to your vehicle or event.

Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other custom car accessories so you won’t have to break the bank in order to get one!


Overall, installing a train horn in your car can be an exciting and fun addition to any vehicle. Not only does it make you stand out from the crowd, but it also adds a unique element of sound that is sure to turn heads. From the convenience of installation to its ability to provide safety on the road, adding a train horn into your car can be an excellent investment for anyone looking for something different than what’s already out there.

So don’t wait- get yourself a train horn today and start having some fun!

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