The Care And Keeping of You

The Care and Keeping of You is a book written by Dr. Cara Natterson that provides advice to teens on how to take care of their bodies during the physical changes associated with puberty. The book discusses topics such as skin care, physical health, nutrition, mental health, relationships and more. It also includes tips for addressing body image issues and handling stress.

Ultimately, The Care and Keeping of You aims to empower young people by providing them with the knowledge they need in order to make healthy decisions about their own well-being throughout adolescence.

The Care and Keeping of You is an excellent resource for both children and adults to learn how to better care for their mental, physical, and emotional health. It provides practical advice on topics such as self-care, nutrition, exercise, stress management, body image issues, puberty changes and more. With tips from the experts at The American Girl brand—the trusted authority in all things related to girls’ growing up—it’s a great way to help young people develop positive habits that will last into adulthood.

What Does the Care And Keeping of You Talk About?

The Care and Keeping of You is a book series written for pre-teen girls that offers advice on how to care for their changing bodies. It covers topics such as puberty, self-esteem, hygiene, nutrition, physical activity, relationships with family members and friends, dealing with stress and worries, developing healthy habits like sleep hygiene and much more. The books provide readers with tips on taking care of themselves both physically and emotionally in order to develop a strong sense of self-confidence during this period in life.

It also includes conversations between the authors and real teen girls who share stories about their own experiences navigating the tricky waters of growing up female. Ultimately The Care & Keeping Of You seeks to help young women feel empowered to make positive choices during an often confusing time in life.

What Age is the Care And Keeping of You For?

The Care and Keeping of You is a great book for tweens that addresses physical, mental, and emotional changes during puberty. It was written by the American Girl Library and is intended to be read around age 10 or 11 (or around fourth grade). This book focuses on topics such as body image, hygiene practices, nutrition tips, dealing with stressors like bullying or grief, understanding emotions like anger and sadness better, building self-confidence through positive affirmations, recognizing strengths in yourself and others; it also covers important topics like how to keep safe online.

The questions answered throughout the book are designed to help tweens gain a better understanding of their changing bodies while giving them advice about how they can take care of themselves. Although this book is targeted at preteens specifically aged between 10-13 years old; its content may still be relevant for teenagers in later years as well.

The Care And Keeping of You


American Girl Body Book Pdf

The American Girl Body Book is a great resource for young girls to learn about their changing bodies. The book provides explanations of the physical changes that occur during puberty, as well as advice on nutrition and exercise in order to stay healthy and fit. It also contains helpful tips on how to deal with acne, body image issues, and other common concerns faced by pre-teens and teens.

The book is available online as both an interactive PDF or e-book format so that readers can easily access it from any device.

The Care And Keeping of Us

The Care and Keeping of Us is a book series written by Dr. Cara Natterson that offers advice to young readers on topics related to physical, mental, and emotional health. The books cover everything from personal hygiene and nutrition to puberty, relationships, and self-esteem. Each book includes helpful illustrations as well as activities designed to help children better understand the information presented.

With its straightforward language and engaging content, The Care and Keeping of Us is an invaluable resource for any parent or caregiver looking to provide guidance on a variety of important health topics.


The Care and Keeping of You is a valuable resource for young girls, offering practical advice on how to stay healthy in body and mind. It is an important book that can help teens learn the basics of taking care of their bodies as they transition into adulthood. With its comprehensive information about hygiene, nutrition, physical and emotional health, it provides teens with a reliable source of guidance when navigating through puberty.

The guides provide tips on how to build self-esteem while developing an understanding of themselves and others. Overall, The Care And Keeping Of You serves as an invaluable tool for helping young women become confident in their own skin.

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