Texas Children’S Urgent Care

Texas Children’s Urgent Care is a quality care provider for children in the Texas area. It specializes in providing immediate and comprehensive medical care to children and adolescents up to 18 years of age, with no appointments needed. The urgent care clinics are open seven days a week, including holidays, with extended hours on weekends so that families can get the medical attention they need when they need it most.

Services include diagnosis and treatment of illnesses or injuries such as colds, flu, broken bones, cuts and bruises; immunizations; sports physicals; well-child visits; laboratory testing services; school/camp physicals; x-rays and more. All Texas Children’s Urgent Care locations offer same-day access to pediatricians who provide personalized patient care for each child’s unique needs.

Texas Children’s Urgent Care offers convenient, compassionate care for your child’s minor illnesses and injuries. With centers located throughout the Houston area, they offer a wide range of services that include diagnosis and treatment of colds, flu, ear infections, rashes, fever and more. Their expert team of pediatricians is highly trained to ensure your kiddo gets the best possible care in an environment specifically designed with children in mind.

Whether you’re dealing with a sick or injured child at home or on vacation in Texas, Texas Children’s Urgent Care has you covered!

Does Texas Children Have Urgent Care?

Yes, Texas children do have access to urgent care. Many pediatricians in the state offer same-day or walk-in appointments for urgent and emergency medical needs. Parents can also take their child to a local urgent care facility, as many of these facilities provide specialized pediatric care services on an as-needed basis.

Urgent care centers are equipped with the tools and personnel needed to properly diagnose and treat illnesses that require immediate attention but may not be life threatening. For example, if your child has a fever, rash or earache that requires prompt attention, an urgent care center is likely to be able to help you out quickly and effectively without having to wait days or weeks for an appointment with your primary doctor. Children should always be taken directly from home to an emergency room when experiencing symptoms such as severe chest pain, difficulty breathing or signs of shock; however for less serious issues such as minor cuts or bruises, fevers or colds then visiting an urgent care center may be the best solution for quick treatment and relief from discomfort.

Does Texas Children’S Pediatrics Accept Walk Ins?

Yes, Texas Children’s Pediatrics does accept walk-ins for certain appointments. We understand that life can be unpredictable and sometimes it is necessary to seek medical attention right away. That’s why we offer convenient walk-in hours throughout the week at all of our locations in the greater Houston area.

To make sure you have a great experience with us, here are some tips to prepare for your visit: first, make sure you have accurate contact information on file; second, bring any relevant medical documentation such as records from previous visits or test results; and third, arrive early so there is plenty of time to fill out paperwork before your appointment begins. Our friendly staff will help ensure that your visit runs smoothly and quickly so you can get back to feeling better soon!

How Much Does Texas Children’S Urgent Care Pay?

Texas Children’s Urgent Care is committed to providing quality and affordable care for children across the state. The average hourly rate of pay for Texas Children’s Urgent Care employees varies depending on location, experience level, and job title. In general, registered nurses earn between $25-30 per hour while medical assistants typically make between $13-15 per hour.

Other positions such as lab techs may also have slightly higher or lower wages than those listed here. Additionally, many locations offer bonus incentives and other benefits packages which can further increase overall earnings potential. As a whole, Texas Children’s Urgent Care strives to provide competitive salaries that reward both hard work and commitment to the organization’s mission of delivering high-quality healthcare services in a compassionate manner.

Is Texas Children’S Hospital Free?

Texas Children’s Hospital is a world-renowned pediatric hospital located in Houston, Texas. While the hospital offers some of the best care and treatment for children from all over the country, many may wonder if it is free to receive such care at this facility. The truth is that while Texas Children’s Hospital does not offer free services, they do provide financial assistance and other options for families who cannot afford medical expenses on their own.

Through a program called “Charity Care”, patients with family incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level may be eligible for discounted or even fully covered services depending on their individual circumstances. Even those without insurance may qualify for discounts or programs which can reduce out-of-pocket costs significantly. Furthermore, Texas Children’s accepts most major health plans including Medicaid and CHIP as well as Medicare supplements so there are plenty of options available to make receiving quality care affordable for any family wishing to utilize this wonderful resource.

Texas Children'S Urgent Care

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Pediatric Urgent Care

Pediatric Urgent Care is a great option for families with children who require prompt medical attention, but cannot wait to get an appointment with their primary care physician. It provides same day access to qualified specialists and healthcare professionals that are trained in the care of infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatric Urgent Care centers also provide on-site diagnostic testing such as X-rays, lab tests, and ultrasounds which can aid in diagnosis and treatment.

With shorter wait times than traditional emergency rooms, specialized pediatric equipment and medications as well as compassionate staff members dedicated to providing quality care; Pediatric Urgent Care offers a safe alternative for parents seeking immediate medical attention for their child’s health needs.

Pediatric Urgent Care near Me

If you’re looking for a pediatric urgent care clinic near you, there are many options available. Urgent care clinics provide convenient and quality medical services to people of all ages. Many of these facilities offer extended hours and can be found in nearly every major city or town.

Pediatric urgent care centers specialize in providing fast, reliable medical attention to children who may not require an emergency room visit but still need prompt attention. These clinics provide treatment for minor ailments such as ear infections, colds & flu, rashes, strains & sprains and more. With the convenience of walk-in appointments and online scheduling, it has never been easier to find a qualified pediatric urgent care provider near you!

Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care

Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care is an innovative healthcare facility that specializes in providing immediate medical attention to children of all ages. With a wide range of services, including on-site lab and radiology tests, extended hours, weekend availability and walk-in appointments, Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care provides comprehensive care for minor injuries and illnesses. Their experienced team of board certified pediatricians are specially trained to provide expert diagnosis and treatment for common childhood ailments such as colds, flu, fever, rashes or earaches.

24 Hour Pediatric Urgent Care near Me

If you are looking for 24 hour pediatric urgent care near you, there are many options available. Urgent care centers offer convenient and fast access to quality medical care after normal business hours. Most centers provide experienced staff who specialize in treating infants, children, and adolescents with illnesses or injuries that require immediate attention but don’t necessarily warrant a trip to the emergency room.

Look online for reviews of different urgent care facilities in your area to find one that offers comprehensive services and can meet your family’s needs.

Next Level Urgent Care

Next Level Urgent Care provides quality and affordable healthcare services with an emphasis on convenience. With locations across the United States, they offer walk-in medical care for minor illnesses and injuries, as well as COVID-19 testing. Their team of board-certified physicians are available during extended hours 7 days a week to diagnose and treat conditions ranging from colds and flu to sprains, fractures, cuts, burns, infections, and more.

They also accept most major insurance plans.

Texas Children’S Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital is a nationally ranked, full-service pediatric hospital located in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1954 by Dr. Ernest William Cockrell Jr., Texas Children’s is the largest children’s hospital in the United States and provides comprehensive care to more than 1 million patients each year. With its three primary campuses – The Woodlands, West Campus and Main Campus – Texas Children’s offers a wide range of services from primary care to specialized treatments for rare conditions.

As one of the most highly respected pediatric institutions in the world, it remains dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and advancing medical discoveries through research and education programs that are at the forefront of modern medicine.

Memorial Hermann Urgent Care

Memorial Hermann Urgent Care offers walk-in medical care for a variety of illnesses and injuries that need immediate attention. From minor cuts and burns to broken bones, Memorial Hermann Urgent Care provides timely, quality care from board certified physicians in convenient locations with extended hours seven days a week. No appointment is necessary – just walk in!

Texas Children’S Pediatrics

Texas Children’s Pediatrics is a comprehensive pediatric healthcare system that provides a range of care for infants, children and adolescents. From primary care to specialty care and advanced treatments, Texas Children’s Pediatrics has an extensive network of experienced providers who are dedicated to helping every child reach their highest potential. The team offers preventive health screenings, sports physicals, immunizations and same-day sick visits in addition to providing access to the latest medical technology for diagnosis and treatment.

With locations throughout the state of Texas, families can trust that they will receive personalized care from one of the largest pediatric networks in the country.


In conclusion, Texas Children’s Urgent Care is an excellent resource for families in the Houston area. With their experienced staff and convenient locations, they are able to offer comprehensive medical care for both adults and children. They accept a variety of insurance plans that can help make their services affordable and accessible for all families.

With their commitment to providing quality urgent care services, Texas Children’s Urgent Care is sure to be a great choice when it comes to meeting your family’s health needs.

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