Texas Children Urgent Care

Texas Children Urgent Care is a care provider that specializes in providing emergency and urgent medical care for children. They provide same-day access to pediatric specialists and offer walk-in services as well as scheduled appointments. Texas Children Urgent Care locations are equipped with state of the art technology including, X-rays, laboratory testing, EKG’s and more.

The staff consists of experienced doctors who specialize in pediatrics from board certified physicians to nurses and technicians. Services offered include diagnosis & treatment of illnesses & injuries such as colds, flu, ear infections allergies; fractures; cuts & lacerations; sprains & sports injuries; stitches; urinary tract infections (UTIs); wound care; vaccinations programs for infants and toddlers among others.

Texas Children Urgent Care is a great choice for parents in need of fast and reliable care for their children. With convenient hours, experienced pediatric staff, and the latest medical technology, they provide quality care to all patients who visit them. From minor illnesses and injuries to more serious conditions like asthma or allergies, Texas Children Urgent Care can help diagnose and treat your child quickly so that you can get back to life as soon as possible.

Does Texas Children Have Urgent Care?

Yes, Texas Children’s has urgent care centers located throughout the Houston area. The Urgent Care Centers provide walk-in medical services for minor injuries and illnesses that require immediate attention, but are not life threatening. They offer extended hours to conveniently fit your family’s schedule as well as an after-hours pediatric advice line staffed by registered nurses who can answer questions about your child’s health.

At Texas Children’s Urgent Care Centers you will find a wide range of services including treatment for cuts, scrapes and bruises; earaches and sore throats; colds and flu; asthma attacks or breathing difficulties; abdominal pain; eye infections or pink eye; allergies or rashes; fever management etc. All locations are equipped with diagnostic tools such as onsite X-ray imaging which allows physicians to quickly diagnose any issue while providing quality care close to home.

Does Texas Children’S Pediatrics Accept Walk-Ins?

At Texas Children’s Pediatrics, we understand how important it is for parents to be able to get their children seen by a doctor quickly and efficiently. That’s why we are proud to offer walk-in appointments at all of our locations throughout the greater Houston area. Whether you need an urgent care visit or just want your child checked out as soon as possible, our friendly staff will be happy to welcome you!

We accept most major insurance plans, so if necessary we can help file any paperwork that may be required. Our pediatricians provide comprehensive care for newborns through age 18 with same day appointments available upon request. You can rest assured that your child will receive quality medical attention from one of our experienced providers in an environment designed specifically for kids and their families.

How Much Does Texas Children’S Urgent Care Pay?

At Texas Children’s Urgent Care, we understand that one of the most important factors when considering a job is salary. We strive to provide competitive wages for our employees so they can continue to do the great work they do every day. Our pay scale varies based on experience and qualifications, but in general, full-time hourly staff at Texas Children’s Urgent Care earn between $14 and $19 per hour depending on their role.

Additionally, all nurses and medical providers are eligible for additional compensation based on performance metrics such as patient satisfaction surveys or other benchmarks. We also offer incentive bonuses throughout the year based on individual or team efforts that help improve the quality of care at our locations. At Texas Children’s Urgent Care, we believe that rewarding excellence should be part of any successful career path!

Does Texas Children Hospital See Adults?

Yes, Texas Children’s Hospital does see adults. Our comprehensive care includes adult-focused services and treatments for a wide variety of medical conditions. As the largest pediatric hospital in the United States, we recognize that health problems can sometimes extend into adulthood, so our adult program is designed to provide specialized care for these issues.

We offer advanced diagnostics and treatments from leading experts in their fields to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our Adult Specialty Programs include specialty clinics dedicated to specific diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, neurology/neurosurgery and many more. In addition to our specialized programs we also offer primary care services for adults with chronic or acute illnesses who need help managing their conditions on an ongoing basis.

With over 800 physicians across 40 specialties you can be assured of receiving world-class treatment at Texas Children’s Hospital no matter what your age may be!

Texas Children Urgent Care

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Pediatric Urgent Care

Pediatric urgent care centers provide a great option for parents who need quick medical attention for their children. They are designed to treat minor, non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries such as ear infections, sore throats, broken bones, cuts or burns. These centers offer convenient hours of operation and usually have shorter wait times than traditional doctor’s offices or emergency rooms.

Additionally, pediatric urgent care is often less expensive than the ER since they can avoid more costly tests and procedures that may not be necessary in treating many common issues seen in kids.

Pediatric Urgent Care near Me

If you’re looking for a convenient and reliable urgent care center near you to treat your child’s medical needs, look no further than the pediatric urgent care centers in your area. These specialized facilities provide quality medical treatment for a wide variety of illnesses and injuries in children, from earaches and colds to fractures and asthma attacks. With extended hours on evenings, weekends, and holidays, pediatric urgent care is available when other doctors’ offices may be closed or unavailable.

Whether you need an x-ray or stitches to treat a wound, these clinics are well equipped with experienced professionals ready to help your little one get back on track quickly.

Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care

Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care is a specialized urgent care service that focuses solely on providing medical attention to children. It offers comprehensive, high-quality services for all of your child’s needs, including diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses and injuries, immunizations and physical exams. With Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care you can be sure that all treatments are tailored specifically for the safety and comfort of your child.

Texas Children’S Pediatrics

Texas Children’s Pediatrics provides comprehensive, quality pediatric care services to children ages newborn through 21 years old. Our team of board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners offers preventive health screenings, well-child checkups, immunizations, same day sick visits and more. We believe in partnering with families and providing individualized care that meets the needs of each child we serve.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment for your family while keeping everyone safe during our COVID-19 pandemic response.

Texas Children’S Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital is a nationally recognized pediatric hospital located in Houston, Texas. It is the largest children’s hospital in the United States and has been ranked as one of the top pediatric hospitals in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for more than two decades. The hospital offers comprehensive care to patients from across Texas and beyond with specialty services ranging from cancer treatment, heart surgery, neonatology, orthopedic surgery and transplantation medicine to complex medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cystic fibrosis and sickle cell disease.

Texas Children’S Pediatrics near Me

If you are looking for a top-notch pediatric care in the state of Texas, look no further than Texas Children’s Pediatrics. With locations throughout the state, they provide comprehensive and compassionate care for infants through young adults. Their goal is to provide high quality health care with convenience in mind – so that parents and their children can get the best possible care close to home.

Whether you need a checkup or specialized medical services, Texas Children’s Pediatrics provides excellent service with an emphasis on family-centered healthcare.

24 Hour Pediatric Urgent Care near Me

If you’re looking for 24 hour pediatric urgent care near you, consider a local community health center. These centers provide experienced and comprehensive medical care to children of all ages, day or night. They often have on-site doctors and nurses who specialize in treating kids, as well as access to other specialized services such as laboratory tests and x-rays.

With their convenient hours and locations, these centers are a great option for families needing quick medical attention for their child’s illness or injury.

Memorial Hermann Urgent Care

Memorial Hermann Urgent Care provides high-quality, convenient medical care for patients on a walk-in basis. Their experienced staff of registered nurses and certified physician assistants provide comprehensive services such as diagnosis and treatment for common illnesses, immunizations, lab testing, physicals and more. Patients can expect quick turnaround times in an inviting atmosphere with the latest technology available.

Memorial Hermann Urgent Care is committed to providing excellent patient experience so that you can get back to enjoying life sooner!


In conclusion, Texas Children Urgent Care is a great resource for parents and caregivers of children who need medical attention quickly. The board-certified physicians at the facility use evidence-based protocols to provide quality care in an efficient manner. Parents can rest assured that their child will receive the best possible care when they visit Texas Children Urgent Care.

With convenient locations throughout the state, it’s never been easier to get your child the help they need in an urgent situation.

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