Lone Star Circle of Care

Lone Star Circle of Care is a non-profit network of health care centers located in Central Texas dedicated to providing quality, comprehensive healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured. The organization provides primary care, specialty care, behavioral health services, community outreach programs and more. They have over 40 clinics throughout Austin and surrounding counties that serve people of all ages.

Their mission is to improve access to quality healthcare while building healthier communities through education, prevention and affordable treatment. Lone Star Circle of Care strives to provide compassionate patient-centered care with respect for cultural diversity as they strive to make their vision a reality: A healthy Texas where everyone can reach their full potential.

Lone Star Circle of Care (LSCC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high quality, affordable healthcare services to uninsured and underserved Texans. Since 2003, LSCC has been committed to providing excellent care in the areas of primary care, behavioral health, dental care and preventive services. With more than 60 clinics throughout Central Texas serving over 100,000 patients annually, LSCC has become an invaluable resource for those in need of medical attention who may not have access otherwise.

From sliding scale fees based on income levels to special programs for veterans and children with disabilities or illnesses – LSCC’s commitment goes beyond just treating its patient’s ailments – they strive to make sure everyone gets the best possible treatment regardless of their financial situation.



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What Services Does Lone Star Circle of Care Offer

Lone Star Circle of Care is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive health services to the uninsured and underserved population in Central Texas. The organization offers a wide range of services, including primary care, specialty care, mental health counseling, dental health services, pediatric and family medicine clinics, preventative care programs for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension management, behavioral health initiatives for individuals with substance use issues or eating disorders. Additionally they provide free immunizations for children under 18 years old and offer access to affordable medications through their pharmacy program.

Lone Star Circle of Care also has community outreach programs designed to help those living in poverty gain access to healthcare resources. Their Patient Advocacy Program works with local businesses and organizations to ensure that medically underserved populations receive the treatment they need at no cost or reduced costs. Through partnerships with other healthcare providers in the area LSCOC is able to further extend its reach by helping connect patients with specialized treatment options they may not otherwise have had access too.

Lone Star Circle of Care Offers Medical, Behavioral Health, And Dental Care to Individuals in Central Texas Who are Uninsured Or Underinsured

Lone Star Circle of Care (LSCC) is a non-profit healthcare organization dedicated to providing quality medical, behavioral health and dental care to individuals in Central Texas who are uninsured or underinsured. Located in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown and Pflugerville, LSCC serves over 35 counties throughout the region with an array of services designed specifically for those without access to traditional health insurance coverage. The goal of LSCC is to make sure that everyone has access to high quality health care regardless of their socioeconomic status or insurance coverage.

In addition to offering primary care services such as physicals and routine screenings, LSCC also provides specialty medical management services including diabetes management and chronic disease management. Furthermore, patients benefit from onsite behavioral health counseling sessions which can result in improved overall well-being. For those in need of more comprehensive dental care, LSCC offers preventative dentistry along with fillings and extractions when necessary.


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Does Lone Star Circle of Care Accept Insurance

Yes, Lone Star Circle of Care does accept insurance. We are an in-network provider for many major health plans and we also accept Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP and other forms of public health coverage. We strive to make our services as accessible as possible so even if your insurance isn’t accepted at one of our facilities, you may still be able to receive financial assistance through the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Federal Poverty Guidelines or through a sliding scale fee system based on family size and income.

Our mission is to provide quality medical care regardless of ability to pay while respecting individual patient’s rights for access to healthcare services. In addition, we offer free preventive care programs such as immunizations, physical exams and mental health screenings at many locations throughout Central Texas.

Yes, We Accept Most Major Insurances Such As Medicaid, Chip, Medicare Advantage Plans And Certain Commercial Plans Including Blue Cross Blue Shield Ppos And Hmos

At ABC Medical Center, we accept most major insurances including Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare Advantage plans and certain commercial plans such as Blue Cross Blue Shield PPOs and HMOs. We understand that health insurance can be complicated and overwhelming at times but rest assured that our team of experienced professionals is here to help you navigate the process with ease. Our staff will work with you to determine your coverage eligibility and provide information about available options based on your individual needs.

We are committed to helping ensure all of our patients have access to quality healthcare services irrespective of their financial circumstances or insurance status. With years of experience in providing medical care for patients from diverse backgrounds, we strive to make sure everyone receives the best possible care available when they come through our doors.

We Also Provide Financial Assistance for Those Without Insurance Coverage on a Case-By-Case Basis

At our clinic, we recognize that in today’s fast-paced world not everyone has access to health insurance. That is why we offer financial assistance for those individuals who are without coverage on a case-by-case basis. We believe that no individual should be denied the care they need because of an inability to pay.

Our team will work with you and your family to make sure you get the best possible care at prices that are affordable for you. We understand how difficult it can be to find quality healthcare when money is tight and want to do what we can to help ease this burden by offering customized payment plans and other options tailored specifically for each patient’s unique situation. By providing financial assistance, we are committed to ensuring that all patients have access to the healthcare they need – regardless of their ability or inability to afford it.


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Is There an Eligibility Requirement for Receiving Services from Lone Star Circle of Care

Yes, there is an eligibility requirement for receiving services from Lone Star Circle of Care. In order to be eligible for their services, individuals must meet certain criteria which include being a resident of one of the counties they serve in Texas and having household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Additionally, those seeking specialty care need to provide proof that they are uninsured or underinsured.

Individuals also need to have a valid Social Security number and must have proof of legal residency status. It is important to note that all applicants will go through an application process before approval can be granted. The application process includes providing documents such as driver’s license or state ID; recent paycheck stubs; birth certificate; proof of insurance; U.S citizenship card/green card (for immigrants); and tax returns if applicable.

Lone Star Circle Of Care strives to make access to health care easy for everybody regardless of their financial situation by providing affordable health insurance options so they can live healthier lives without sacrificing quality medical care.

Yes, Patients Must Meet Certain Income Requirements to Qualify for Care at One of Our Clinics; Please Visit Our Website for More Information on Eligibility Criteria: Https://Www

example.com For those seeking quality health care for affordable prices, our clinics are here to help! Our centers provide high-quality care with flexible payment options and subsidized rates for qualified patients.

In order to ensure we continue providing top-notch service at reasonable prices, we do require that all of our patients meet certain income requirements in order to qualify for care. To learn more about the criteria one must meet in order to be eligible for treatment at one of our clinics, please visit https://www.example.com where you can find detailed information on what it takes to become a patient at one of our facilities. Here you will also find information regarding how much financial assistance is available as well as any other relevant details pertaining to eligibility criteria and enrollment procedures so be sure not miss out on this invaluable resource!


org Lone Star Cares is an excellent resource for those in need of assistance in Texas. The website provides information on resources available to Texans, including emergency shelters, food banks, health care services, job and education opportunities, legal aid services and more.

Lone Star Cares also has a dedicated toll-free helpline that allows individuals to get help quickly without having to wait for long periods of time. With the help of this helpline, individuals can receive access to necessary resources such as housing or employment assistance with minimal effort. Additionally, Lone Star Cares offers financial advice and support through its Money Matters program which covers topics such as budgeting tips and understanding credit scores.

In addition to providing important resources and guidance to those in need within the state of Texas, Lone Star Cares is committed to making sure all Texans are aware of their rights under the law by providing free informational materials about consumer protection laws among other topics relating to civil liberties. All these efforts combined make LoneStarCares a great asset for any individual looking for assistance or just wanting more information about what’s out there in terms of programs meant specifically designed with Texans needs in mind .


At the heart of patient care is the relationship between doctor and patient. This connection, which relies on trust and communication, is key to providing quality healthcare. At org/patients/, we understand this relationship and strive to provide our patients with comprehensive services that meet their needs.

We offer a variety of programs designed to help patients through every step of their healthcare journey including preventive care, chronic disease management, mental health services, end-of-life planning and more. Our team of experienced medical professionals works closely with each individual patient to develop an individualized treatment plan that meets their specific needs. From diagnosis to recovery, we are committed to helping our patients achieve optimal health outcomes while also providing compassionate care for them in times of need or crisis.

Through innovative technology such as telemedicine appointments and home monitoring systems combined with exceptional customer service from our staff members–org/patients/ offers a one stop shop for all your healthcare needs!

Lone Star Circle of Care

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Lone Star Circle of Care Round Rock Pediatrics

Lone Star Circle of Care Round Rock Pediatrics provides comprehensive medical care for children from birth to age 21. Our highly experienced pediatricians and staff provide personalized care to each patient, utilizing evidence-based medicine. We offer a wide range of services including well child checkups, immunizations, sick visits, sports physicals, hearing & vision screenings and more.

Additionally, we are committed to providing quality health care with compassion and respect for the whole family.


Overall, Lone Star Circle of Care provides comprehensive care and support for individuals in Central Texas. The organization offers a variety of services that are tailored to meet the needs of their clients. These include primary medical and dental care, behavioral health services, and access to resources such as food banks and housing assistance.

With its commitment to quality care and community outreach initiatives, Lone Star Circle of Care is an invaluable resource for those living in Central Texas who need help navigating the healthcare system or require additional support during difficult times.


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