Internet Movie Car Database

The Internet Movie Car Database (IMCDb) is an online database of cars from movies and television shows. The website catalogs vehicles by make, model, year, and production company. It also provides detailed information about each car including photos, a description of the vehicle’s role in the movie or show, and a list of other films or TV series that feature the same car.

IMCDb also allows users to add their own vehicles to the database as well as rate vehicles already present on IMCDb. With over 1 million registered entries from more than 200 countries around the world, it is one of the largest automotive databases on the internet today and serves as an invaluable resource for film buffs and auto enthusiasts alike.

The Internet Movie Car Database (IMCDb) is an online resource that provides comprehensive information about real and fictional cars featured in movies, television shows, music videos and video games. From classic to modern vehicles, the IMCDb has it all! With over 250,000 entries on its database, this site is a must-visit for any car enthusiast looking for detailed information on their favorite movie cars.

The website also offers an array of other features such as a discussion forum and photo gallery where users can discuss their favorite automobiles from the silver screen.


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What is the Internet Movie Car Database

The Internet Movie Car Database (IMCDb) is an online encyclopedia of movie and television vehicles. It provides detailed information about the cars featured in films, TV series, music videos and video games from around the world. The database includes over 8 million entries which are searchable by make, model or year and can be sorted according to film titles or categories such as ‘most popular’ or ‘most viewed’.

IMCDb also offers a range of tools for users to track their collection of vehicles and share it with fellow car fans – including forums, message boards and photo galleries. In addition to its comprehensive list of cars used in movies and TV shows, IMCDb also tracks vehicle modifications made for stunt scenes as well as regular production models that have been modified by Hollywood’s prop masters. This makes it an invaluable resource for any automotive enthusiast looking to recreate a classic chase scene from their favorite movie or just find out more about their dream car!

The Internet Movie Car Database (Imcdb) is an Online Database of Cars Featured in Movies, Tv Shows, Music Videos And Video Games

The Internet Movie Car Database (IMCDb) is an invaluable resource for car enthusiasts and movie buffs alike. It’s a comprehensive database of cars featured in movies, TV shows, music videos, and video games. The IMCDb allows users to search for vehicles by make, model year or decade, style/body type, color, as well as the specific production used during filming.

With its extensive list of over 600k vehicles from different productions across genres it has become one of the most popular databases online today. The site also provides detailed information about each vehicle including engine specs and interior options which can be useful when researching a particular model or building a replica using similar parts available on the market. What makes this site unique is its ability to cross-reference other media outlets such as magazines featuring articles related to the same subject matter that can provide additional insights into featured vehicles – something no other online resource offers!

All in all if you’re looking for an accurate reference guide to learn more about cars appearing in movies or any other form of entertainment then look no further than IMCDb – it’s sure to have what you need!

It Includes Information About the Make, Model And Year of Each Vehicle As Well As Images And Other Details

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How Can I Search for a Specific Car on Imcdb

org Searching for a specific car on is relatively straightforward and easy to do. First, go to the homepage of and click the ‘Cars’ tab at the top of the page.

This brings you to a searchable list of cars from movies, television shows, video games, music videos and more. You can either look through this list manually or use the powerful search options available in order to narrow down your results quickly and easily. If you know certain details about your desired car such as its make/model or year then these filters can be used specifically so that you get exactly what you are looking for faster than ever before!

Not only that but users can also access detailed information about each car including production notes, specifications and even images which helps make searching much simpler than it would otherwise be!

You Can Search for a Specific Car by Entering Its Make, Model Or Year into the Search Bar at the Top of Any Page on Imcdb’S Website

Searching for a specific car on IMCDb couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is enter the make, model or year of the car into the search bar at the top of any page on their website and they’ll show you what’s available in seconds. Whether you’re looking for a classic muscle car from decades ago or a modern sports car that just rolled off the assembly line, IMCDb has got it covered.

They’ve done all of the hard work of collecting detailed information about cars from around the world so that users don’t have to scour through countless websites trying to find exactly what they need. With over 4 million vehicles listed in their database, finding your dream ride is as easy as typing in its specs!

Alternatively You Can Browse Listings by Type of Media (E

g. books, video, audio). If you’re looking for something specific in terms of media type, then alternatively you can browse listings to find exactly what you’re after.

This could include everything from books and magazines to videos or audio recordings. You’ll be able to find the exact listing that suits your needs and interests without having to search through a large selection of items that may not be relevant to what you are looking for. The ability to quickly narrow down the choice makes it easier than ever before when searching for specific types of media content.


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Q3 Does Imcdb Provide Data About Modifications Made to Cars Featured in Films

Yes, IMCDb provides extensive data about modifications made to cars featured in films. This includes information about the make and model of the car as well as any special modifications that were made for it to be used in a film or television show. For example, if you look up the movie “The Fast and The Furious”, you’ll see detailed information about all of the cars that appear in it, including their specific body kits, wheels, spoilers and other modifications.

Additionally, many movies will also have additional details like engine upgrades or performance tweaks noted down by IMCDb’s helpful volunteers. So whether you’re looking for some inspiration on how to customize your own vehicle or just curious about what kind of changes went into making a certain movie car stand out from its peers, IMCDb is an invaluable source of knowledge!

Internet Movie Car Database


Movie Car Registry

The Movie Car Registry is an online database of movie and television cars. It includes information on each car’s model, make, year, engine size, and more. The registry also features photos of the cars from their respective movies or TV shows.

This online resource provides a comprehensive look at some of the most iconic vehicles seen in Hollywood over the years, allowing fans to learn more about their favorite movie cars and explore related merchandise.

Imdb Cars

IMDb Cars is a powerful tool for film and TV fanatics to explore the vast world of automobiles featured in movies and television. With an extensive library of vehicles from every era, IMDb Cars provides detailed information on production, specifications, makes and models. Users can search by vehicle type to find out what cars were used in their favorite films or shows – whether it’s classic muscle cars or modern supercars.

To top it off, users can also rate vehicles based on their performance in movies or TV shows to see how they compare with other automobiles featured throughout history.

Movie Cars

Movie cars are a popular and iconic part of cinema. From the classic Bullitt Mustang to the Batmobile, movie cars have become an integral part of pop culture. Movie car replicas can often be found on display at auto museums and shows, while some lucky fans even own their own versions.

Whether they’re seen in action or simply admired from afar, movie cars continue to fascinate audiences worldwide.

Names of Cars in Movies

Over the years, cars have featured prominently in Hollywood movies; some of the most iconic vehicles include James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger (1964), Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine from Back to The Future (1985), Herbie the Love Bug Volkswagen Beetle from The Love Bug (1968) and Bumblebee’s Chevrolet Camaro from Transformers (2007).

Hollywood Movie Cars

Hollywood movie cars have been around since the beginning of cinema, and they’ve come to represent some of the most iconic automobiles in popular culture. From James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 to The Fast and Furious’ Dodge Charger, many of these cars have become synonymous with their respective films. Hollywood car chases are also legendary – from Bullitt to The Italian Job – creating an adrenaline-filled spectacle that draws viewers in.

Famous Movie Cars

Movie cars have become an iconic part of cinema history. From the time-traveling DeLorean in Back to the Future to James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, these vehicles have become almost as famous as the movies they appear in. Many movie car replicas can be found around the world for fans to get up close and personal with their favorite cinematic rides.

The most popular replicas are usually from classic films like Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, and even Herbie: The Love Bug!

Car Database Download

A car database download is a great way to keep track of your vehicle’s information. It can provide you with detailed reports on your car’s performance, maintenance history, service records, and more. By downloading this data regularly, you’ll be able to stay on top of your car’s maintenance schedule and help ensure that any problems are addressed quickly before they become major issues.

Video Game Car Database

The Video Game Car Database is an online resource for car enthusiasts, providing detailed information about cars featured in popular video games. The database includes a wide range of vehicles from classic to modern, ranging from street racers and muscle cars to exotic supercars and hyper cars. It also provides images and descriptions of each vehicle, along with performance specs like top speed, acceleration time, horsepower output, weight/power ratio, and more.

With the comprehensive info provided by the Video Game Car Database, gamers can easily find out which car suits their needs best!


The Internet Movie Car Database is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about the vehicles used in movies. Whether it’s classic cars, futuristic vehicles, or anything in between, this database has all of the information you need to explore and discover your favorite movie cars. With its expansive catalog and comprehensive details, there’s no doubt that IMCDb will continue to be a go-to source for film car enthusiasts everywhere.

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