Green Motion Car Rental

Green Motion Car Rental is a car rental company that offers eco-friendly vehicles for customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint. The company has locations in over 20 countries around the world and provides vehicles with low emissions, fuel efficiency, and hybrid technologies to meet customer needs. Green Motion also works closely with local suppliers and partners to provide its customers with reliable service.

Customers can choose from a range of cars ranging from small city cars to luxury SUV’s or minibuses. It also offers additional services such as GPS navigation, child seats, additional drivers and unlimited mileage packages. Green Motion strives to be an eco-friendly business by working towards reducing their environmental impact while providing excellent customer service at competitive prices.

Green Motion Car Rental is a great option for those looking to rent a car without contributing to the environmental waste and pollution that comes with gas-powered vehicles. Green Motion offers electric, hybrid, and fuel efficient cars that are much more eco-friendly than traditional rental options. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint while renting from Green Motion, but their rates are very competitive as well.

With locations across the world, it’s never been easier to make an environmentally conscious choice when renting a car!

Who Owns Green Motion Cars?

Green Motion cars are owned by a wide variety of people, from private individuals to large businesses. The company was founded in 2007 and is now one of the leading car rental companies worldwide, with over 180 branches located in countries all around the world. Green Motion offers an extensive range of vehicles that can be hired for short-term or long-term rentals, ranging from small economy cars to luxury sedans and SUVs.

They also have electric vehicle offerings available in some locations. All their vehicles come with reliable insurance cover so customers can enjoy peace of mind when renting a car from Green Motion. In terms of ownership, most Green Motion vehicles are owned either by independent owners or franchisees who have invested in the brand and work as local business partners with Green Motion International Ltd.

These franchisees typically own between two to four cars at any given time but may own more depending on their location and operations requirements. The remaining fleet is mostly supplied through subleasing agreements between local companies or major leasing providers such as ALD Automotive UK Ltd., LeasePlan UK Ltd., Arval Solutions Limited and Alphabet Fleet Management Ltd..

How Do I Contact Green Motion Car Rental?

If you’ve been looking for car rental services and have come across Green Motion, then it’s likely that you may be wondering how to contact the company. Fortunately, contacting Green Motion is easy. The best way to reach the company is by using their website as they offer several different ways of getting in touch with them.

You can use either their online contact form or call one of their customer service numbers which are available 24/7 depending on your location. Additionally, if you prefer a more personal approach then you can also visit one of their offices located all around the world. Once connected with someone from Green Motion, they will be able to answer any questions about the rental process including costs and availability as well as provide assistance if anything goes wrong during your journey.

Who are Green Motion?

Green Motion is an international car hire company that was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing customers with a more sustainable and affordable way to travel. The company has over 600 locations in 30 countries across five continents, making it one of the largest independent car rental companies in the world. Green Motion provides private and business customers with access to an extensive fleet of vehicles from leading global manufacturers including Ford, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen.

All of their cars are equipped with advanced technology such as eco-friendly hybrid engines, GPS navigation systems and BlueMotion stop/start systems for improved fuel efficiency. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Green Motion offers carbon offsetting services through its partnership with ClimateCare – allowing customers to reduce their environmental impact when travelling by offsetting emissions created during their journey. In addition, all vehicles come fitted with safety features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes for added peace of mind while on the road.

Green Motion’s mission statement is “to provide safe, reliable and cost effective mobility solutions that respect our environment” – which they strive to achieve through offering innovative green technologies at competitive prices without compromising on quality or comfort levels for their customers.

Do Rental Cars Have Hidden Microphones?

Rental cars are a convenient option for travelling, but many people worry that they might contain hidden microphones. While it’s true that rental car companies do have the ability to monitor what goes on inside their vehicles, it is important to understand that no rental car company has ever been found to install microphones in their cars without notifying customers of this fact. Companies typically use GPS tracking devices and other monitoring technologies to ensure the safety of both their drivers and passengers.

These systems also help them track maintenance needs and prevent theft or damage from occurring. The data collected is kept confidential, so customers can rest assured that any conversations held within the vehicle will remain private unless there is suspicion of illegal activity taking place. So while it may be reasonable for renters to feel concerned about potential surveillance when renting a vehicle, these worries should be put at ease as long as drivers obey all laws and regulations during their trip.

Green Motion Car Rental


Green Motion Car Rental Reviews

Green Motion Car Rental is receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers, who praise the company for its excellent customer service, wide selection of vehicles, and competitive rates. Moreover, Green Motion’s environmentally friendly approach to car rental has been praised by many as it looks to minimize its environmental impact while still providing high-quality services. Overall, Green Motion Car Rental offers a great option for those looking for an eco-friendly car hire experience.

Green Motion Car Rental Lax

Green Motion Car Rental LAX provides convenient and affordable car rental services at Los Angeles International Airport. With a wide range of vehicles available, including economy, compact, mid-size luxury models and minivans to choose from; Green Motion has the perfect vehicle for your needs. They also offer one-way rentals so you can pick up your car in LAX before departing, or drop it off after you arrive home!

All their cars are well maintained and come with roadside assistance so you can have peace of mind knowing that whatever happens on the road will be taken care of quickly.

Green Motion Complaints

Green Motion has received some complaints from customers over the years, mainly regarding their customer service and rental policies. Customers have reported being charged for additional fees that were not previously disclosed or expected, as well as long wait times to receive assistance from customer service representatives. Additionally, there have been reports of damage to vehicles that was not recorded in the contract at the time of pick-up and receiving inaccurate information about insurance coverage.

Green Motion is working hard to address these issues and improve their services for all customers.

Green Motion Car Rental Lax Reviews

Green Motion Car Rental LAX has earned high praise from its customers. Reviews across the web are largely positive, citing competitive prices, friendly and helpful staff, and an easy rental process. Customers also appreciate that Green Motion offers a variety of eco-friendly vehicles to choose from, making it a great option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint while on the road.

Green Motion Car Rental Orlando

Green Motion Car Rental Orlando offers a wide variety of vehicles from economy to full size SUVs, all with eco-friendly options. Their fleet consists of hybrid and electric cars as well as regular fuel powered vehicles, allowing customers to make the most environmentally friendly choices when it comes to their rental needs. All Green Motion cars are also kept up-to-date with routine maintenance and safety checks for added peace of mind while using their services.

Green Motion Car Rental Heathrow

Green Motion Car Rental Heathrow offers a wide selection of vehicles, from standard to luxury, so you can find the perfect car for your trip. All cars are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure that customers have a safe and reliable journey. With convenient locations at both Terminal 2 and 3 of London’s Heathrow Airport, Green Motion Car Rental makes it easy to pick up or drop off your car quickly and easily.

Plus, with competitive rates on long-term rentals, Green Motion is an affordable option for business travelers needing transportation during their stay in the UK.

Green Motion Car Rental Cape Town

Green Motion Car Rental Cape Town provides travelers to the area with reliable and affordable vehicular transportation. With a wide selection of vehicles, from economy class to luxury models, Green Motion’s fleet is sure to have something for everyone. All cars come equipped with air-conditioning, GPS navigation systems, and 24/7 customer support.

Bookings can be made online or over the phone and all rentals include unlimited mileage as well as complimentary roadside assistance in case of any issues while out on the road.

Green Motion Car Rental Reviews Orlando

Green Motion Car Rental Reviews Orlando has been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers praising the efficient and friendly service they received. The staff were helpful in helping to find the right car for their needs, and many people reported that the rates were competitive compared to other rental companies. Additionally, Green Motion’s commitment to sustainability was praised by a number of customers who appreciated their efforts in reducing carbon emissions.

All in all, it seems like Green Motion is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable and eco-friendly car rental experience in Orlando!


The Green Motion Car Rental is a great option for anyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint and still get around town. The company offers competitive rates, electric cars, and an eco-friendly approach that appeals to those with environmental consciousness. With the added convenience of online booking and drop off locations throughout many cities across the world, this car rental service is sure to be a hit among travelers looking for an easy and sustainable way to get around.

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