Dj Lemahieu Career Stats

DJ LeMahieu is a professional baseball player who has been playing in the MLB since 2009. He currently plays for the New York Yankees. Throughout his career, he has earned three All-Star selections and two Gold Glove Awards.

From 2009 to 2020, LeMahieu has played 1,692 games and accumulated 6,100 at-bats with a .303 batting average. He also has 545 runs batted in (RBI) and 101 home runs during this span of time. Additionally, he has scored 859 runs and stolen 104 bases while striking out 938 times in 11 seasons as an active Major League Baseball Player.

DJ LeMahieu has been a consistent force in Major League Baseball since his debut with the Chicago Cubs in 2011. His career stats show that he’s grown into one of the most reliable and versatile players in baseball, boasting a .298 batting average, 1,053 hits, 109 home runs and 458 RBIs over nine seasons. He was awarded three consecutive Gold Glove awards from 2014-2016 for his impressive defensive ability.

In 2020 he won the batting title with a .364 average proving once again why he’s considered one of MLB’s top players.

What is Dj Lemahieu Current Batting Average?

DJ LeMahieu is currently one of the hottest hitters in Major League Baseball with a batting average of .335. His ability to hit for both power and average has made him an All-Star caliber player, and he was rewarded with his first ever selection to the Midsummer Classic this past season. He also earned himself a Gold Glove Award in 2017 after leading all second basemen with a .989 fielding percentage while committing only three errors in 141 games played.

This outstanding performance at the plate and on defense have led LeMahieu into being considered as one of baseball’s premier players. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it’s safe to assume that DJ LeMahieu will continue his impressive hitting streak throughout 2018 and beyond.

How Many Home Runs Does Dj Lemahieu Have?

DJ LeMahieu is a professional baseball player for the New York Yankees. He is a three-time All-Star and has been named to five Gold Glove teams. As of 2019, he had hit 186 home runs in his career, with 96 of them coming while playing for the Colorado Rockies from 2012 to 2018.

Most recently, during the 2019 season, LeMahieu hit 26 home runs in 154 games played as he helped lead the Yankees to their first American League East Division title since 2012. His most productive season was 2016 when he set a career high with 15 homers and drove in 66 RBIs while hitting .348/.416/.495 that year.

How Many Hits Did Dj Lemahieu Have?

DJ LeMahieu had an incredible year in 2019. He finished the regular season with a .327 batting average, 26 home runs, 103 RBIs and 205 hits which led the major leagues for most hits in a single season. It was his second straight 200-plus hit season, as he also amassed 211 hits in 2018.

LeMahieu’s 205 hits were made up of 132 singles, 42 doubles and 31 triples – quite remarkable numbers considering how few hitters reach double digits in all three categories during any given year. His production helped propel the Yankees to their first AL East title since 2012 and earned him his third career All-Star selection.

When Did Dj Lemahieu Play for the Cubs?

DJ LeMahieu was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2009 and played for them until 2011. During his time with the team, he had a batting average of .250 while playing in 78 games. He also recorded 17 RBIs during that time.

LeMahieu was never able to make it out of Triple A ball with the Cubs and eventually signed as a free agent with Colorado Rockies before the 2012 season. His career has taken off since then, as he was named an All-Star in 2015 and won three Gold Gloves between 2017 and 2019. He is now widely considered one of baseball’s best second basemen, having earned multiple awards throughout his career including two Silver Slugger Awards and two National League batting titles (2016 & 2018).

Dj Lemahieu Career Stats


Dj Lemahieu Wife

Dj LeMahieu is married to his wife, Jordana LeMahieu. The pair have been together for over 10 years and tied the knot in 2014. They share two children, a daughter named Lila and a son named Owen.

Jordana is an active philanthropist, championing causes such as cancer research and animal welfare. She also serves on the board of directors for the Colorado Rockies Charities organization.

Dj Lemahieu What Does Dj Stand for

DJ LeMahieu stands for ‘Dernell Jovan LeMahieu’. He is a Major League Baseball second baseman and shortstop who currently plays for the New York Yankees. DJ first started his professional career in 2009 with the Chicago Cubs, before moving to Colorado Rockies in 2012.

Since then he’s won three Gold Glove Awards (2014-2016) and has made two All-Star game appearances (2015 & 2017). He was also named National League batting champion in 2016 with an impressive .348 average.

Dj Lemahieu Position

D.J. LeMahieu is an American professional baseball second baseman who currently plays for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB). He has won three Gold Glove Awards, a Silver Slugger Award, and was named to two All-Star teams while playing for the Colorado Rockies prior to joining the Yankees in 2019. LeMahieu is known for his defensive prowess at second base but also brings a potent bat to the plate, as evidenced by his .303 career batting average over nine seasons.

Dj Lemahieu Height Weight

DJ LeMahieu stands at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs in around 205 pounds. He is a great example of how hard work and dedication can help you become one of the top players in Major League Baseball. His height gives him an advantage when it comes to hitting home runs, as he can get more distance on his swings due to his longer arms.

His weight also aids him in generating power for his hits, allowing him to drive the ball further than most other players.

Dj Lemahieu Fangraphs

D.J. LeMahieu is a professional baseball player who plays for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB). He is currently ranked as the 5th overall best infielder in all of MLB according to Fangraphs, a popular website that tracks and evaluates players’ performance across multiple statistical categories. LeMahieu has been an excellent defensive player throughout his career, boasting some of the highest ratings in Defensive Runs Saved and Ultimate Zone Rating among all second basemen since 2013.

His offensive numbers have also improved significantly over the past few seasons, leading him to be one of the most well-rounded players in baseball today.

Dj Lemahieu Age

Dj LeMahieu is a professional baseball player currently playing for the New York Yankees. He was born on July 13, 1988 in Visalia, California and is currently 32 years old. Dj has quickly become one of the most consistent hitters in MLB and won the American League batting title in 2020 with a .364 average.

Dj Lemahieu Home Runs

Dj LeMahieu has been an unstoppable force at the plate in 2021, hitting a whopping twelve home runs so far. He’s currently tied for third in the American League with his impressive homerun total, and is only one behind current leader Adolis García of the Texas Rangers. With a batting average of .322 and an OPS of 1.003, Dj LeMahieu is on pace to have another career season and potentially challenge for MVP honors this year.

Dj Lemahieu Hits Today

Today, New York Yankees second baseman DJ LeMahieu had a great day at the plate. He went 4-for-4 with two doubles and three RBIs in an 8-3 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. This was his first multi-hit game since returning from injury last week, and he is now batting .318 on the season.

With this performance today, LeMahieu’s production will continue to be a key part of the team’s success going forward.


Overall, it can be seen that DJ Lemahieu has had a successful career in the MLB. His stats show he is an all-around player with great hitting and fielding skills. He also shows his ability to get on base consistently throughout his career.

With these impressive stats, it’s no wonder why he was recently named MVP of the American League for 2020. Lemahieu will continue to be one of the most important players on any team that he plays for and will likely continue to put up impressive numbers moving forward.

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