Dennis Rodman Career Stats

Dennis Rodman played NBA basketball for 14 seasons from 1986 to 2000. During his career, he earned five NBA championship rings and was a two-time All-Star. He is one of the most decorated rebounders in history with 8 consecutive rebounding titles during his tenure with the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls.

His total career stats included 7,684 rebounds (11th all time), 5,985 defensive rebounds (7th all time), 2,570 assists and 916 steals (31st all time). In addition to these impressive numbers, Dennis Rodman also scored 11,954 points over his 14 year career for an average of 7.3 points per game. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011 as recognition for his historic accomplishments on the court.

Dennis Rodman is one of the most iconic figures in basketball history, and his career stats are a testament to that. Over 14 seasons in the NBA, Rodman averaged 7.3 points per game while racking up 11.8 rebounds per game – good enough for fifth all-time on the NBA’s rebounding list. He was an eight-time All-Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year recipient as well, making him one of only six players ever to accomplish both feats in their careers.

His legacy still stands today as he remains one of the greatest rebounders in league history.

What Ended Dennis Rodman’S Career?

Dennis Rodman’s illustrious NBA career came to an end in 2006 when he was released by the Dallas Mavericks after appearing in only 23 games of the season. During his time with the team, he averaged a meager 3.7 points and 8 rebounds per game, far below his average numbers from earlier in his career. It was clear that age had taken its toll on him as he struggled to keep up with younger players on both offense and defense.

Despite this downturn, Rodman still continued to be a valuable asset off-court due to his marketability and media presence. After leaving Dallas, Dennis retired for good in 2011 without ever playing another professional basketball game again. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest defensive players of all time; even though his career ended prematurely due to injury and age, we can look back fondly at all that he accomplished during those years.

Is Dennis Rodman a Hall of Famer?

Dennis Rodman has been a controversial figure in the NBA for decades and his accomplishments speak for themselves. He is one of the most decorated players in league history, having won five championships with two different teams, as well as two Defensive Player of the Year awards. His off-court antics have earned him just as much notoriety, but there’s no denying that he was an exceptional player during his time in the league.

As such, many are wondering if Dennis Rodman will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Given his impressive list of accolades and impact on basketball both on and off the court, it would seem like a given that he should be enshrined among other greats from basketball’s past. However, only time will tell whether or not this dream becomes reality for “The Worm” and all those who admire him.

How Many 3S Did Rodman Make?

The answer to the question of how many 3s did Rodman make depends on which season we are referring to. During his first season with the Chicago Bulls in 1996-1997, Rodman made a total of 29 three pointers which was an impressive statistic for a small forward at that time. In 1997-1998 he improved upon this and made 43 threes, followed by 51 during 1998-1999.

This trend continued until 2001 when his three point accuracy declined somewhat making only 26 threes throughout the season. However, 2002 saw him back up to 37 threes and then 2003 marked another high with 47 shots from behind the arc before declining again in 2004 with only 18 successful attempts from distance.

How Many Rebounds Did Dennis Rodman Have in His Career?

Dennis Rodman is one of the most prolific rebounders in NBA history. He ranks 8th on the all-time rebounding list with a total career average of 13.1 rebounds per game over 987 games played throughout his illustrious career. He has also been on four teams that have won five championships, including two consecutive three-peats with the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs.

During his time playing for these franchises, he was consistently a top 10 rebounder and even led the league in rebounds twice – during the 1991–92 and 1992–93 seasons. In total, Dennis Rodman finished his career with 11,954 rebounds – an incredible feat considering he only ever averaged around 15 minutes per game due to coming off the bench for much of his playing days. His dominance on the boards set him apart from other players at his position as it allowed him to contribute significantly to each team’s success despite not being heavily relied upon offensively like many superstars are today.

Dennis Rodman Career Stats


Dennis Rodman Career Points

Dennis Rodman had an impressive career in the NBA, where he played for four different teams and was a five-time champion. He was also known as one of the best rebounders in the league, earning him seven consecutive rebounding titles from 1991 to 1997. Over his 14 year career, Dennis Rodman accumulated 8,865 total points – averaging 7.3 points per game – with 1,600 being three point shots.

His highest single season point total came during his 1996-1997 campaign with Chicago Bulls when he averaged 11.6 PPG.

Dennis Rodman Career High Rebounds

Dennis Rodman was a legendary basketball player during the 1990s and is known for his defensive prowess. He holds the record for highest career rebounds per game, with an average of 13.1 over his 14-year NBA career. His single season high came in 1991–92 when he averaged 18.7 rebounds per game, while his single-game career high was achieved on April 12th 1992 against the Charlotte Hornets with a total of 37 rebounds!

Dennis Rodman Career High Points

Dennis Rodman is considered one of the greatest basketball players in history. Throughout his career, he won five NBA championships with two different teams – the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. He was an eight-time All-Star, seven-time Defensive Player of the Year, and a two-time rebounding champion.

Rodman also set numerous records including most rebounds in a single season (1,530) and highest rebound per game average for a single season (18.7). His individual success combined with team successes to make him one of the most decorated NBA players ever.

Dennis Rodman Rebounds

Dennis Rodman was a legendary rebounder in the NBA, renowned for his hustle and relentless pursuit of every ball. He averaged 13.1 rebounds per game over the course of his career, ranking him in the top 5 all-time rebounders in NBA history. His best season came during the 1991-1992 campaign when he grabbed an incredible 18.7 rebounds per game and led the Chicago Bulls to their first title run with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Dennis Rodman Total Rebounds

Dennis Rodman is one of the greatest rebounders in NBA history. In his 14-year career, he averaged 13.1 rebounds per game and totaled 11,954 total rebounds over 910 games played. His best season came in 1991–92 when he led the league with 18.7 rebounds per game and 1,530 total rebounds for the season alone – both all-time records that still stand today.

Dennis Rodman Weight

Dennis Rodman is 6′ 7″ and weighed around 235 pounds during his career in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was known for his strong rebounding skills, which allowed him to take on heavier opponents. During his time with the Chicago Bulls, he was able to maintain an impressive weight of 220-225 pounds through a rigorous diet and exercise regimen that included martial arts.

Dennis Rodman Rings

Dennis Rodman rings are a unique collection of jewelry designed to honor the legendary basketball player. The most popular piece is the Dennis Rodman Signature Ring, which features an emerald-cut diamond surrounded by two gold bands and set on a black background. Other pieces in this collection include watches, necklaces, and pendants, all featuring Rodman’s signature logo or his name.

As one of the NBA’s greatest players ever, these pieces make for great gifts for any basketball fan!

Dennis Rodman Position

Dennis Rodman is a retired American professional basketball player who played for the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks. During his 14-year career in the NBA he was known for his defensive prowess on the court. He was an eight-time All Star and two-time Defensive Player of the Year while playing primarily at power forward or small forward positions.

His tenacious rebounding ability earned him five rebound titles throughout his career as well as numerous honors such as being a member of both the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and FIBA Hall of Fame.


Dennis Rodman’s career stats demonstrate that his contributions to the sport of basketball have been immense. He was an incredible rebounder, defender and leader on the court who changed how power forwards played in the NBA. His ability to grab rebounds and close out games were unrivaled during his era, making him one of the most crucial players for any team he joined.

Rodman’s legacy will continue to be revered by fans of the game, as well as those who appreciate hard work and dedication to success.

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