Daddy Day Care Cast

The cast of the 2003 comedy film ‘Daddy Day Care’ includes Eddie Murphy as Charlie Hinton, Jeff Garlin as Phil Ryerson, Steve Zahn as Marvin Boucher, Regina King as Kim Hinton, Anjelica Huston as Dr. Judith Kleiner-Bloom, Jonathan Katz as Mr. Dan Kubitz and Lacey Chabertas Sophie Ryerson. The movie follows two fathers who open a day care when they lose their jobs in order to earn money for their families while also learning how to be better dads to their kids. It was a huge success at the box office and spawned a sequel five years later titled ‘Daddy Day Camp’.

The 2003 comedy Daddy Day Care stars Eddie Murphy as Charlie Hinton, an unemployed dad who opens a day care center with the help of his friend Phil (Jeff Garlin). The film also stars Steve Zahn and Anjelica Huston. This hilarious family-friendly movie follows Charlie and Phil’s adventures as they try to make their new business successful while caring for some truly unique children.

It’s a heartwarming story about love, friendship and learning to be the best parent you can be.

Who are All the Kids in Daddy Day Care?

Daddy Day Care is a popular 2003 comedy movie starring Eddie Murphy. The premise of the film follows two fathers, Charlie (Murphy) and Phil (Jeff Garlin), who decide to start their own daycare center out of an old house after being laid off from their corporate jobs. Throughout the course of the movie, we are introduced to all the kids that attend Daddy Day Care: there’s Ben (Khamani Griffin), who loves dinosaurs; Michael “Mikey” Diaz (Jonathan Katz-Moses), whose parents are going through some tough times; Margaret “Margie” Phillips (Regina King), a smart girl with glasses; Kyle & Megan Taylor (Max Burkholder & Campbell Scott), siblings who love playing make-believe games; Jack Blackford Jr. (Robert Vito); Toni Henderson (Tisha Campbell-Martin); Angelica Kimblehurst III(Liliana Mumy); Kwame Jackson IV(Zachery Ty Bryan); Marcela Sanchez Garcia de la Vega y Martinez Coronado(Soleil Moon Frye).

All these children bring unique personalities and dynamics into Daddy Day Care, which leads to plenty of fun and interesting situations for Charlie and Phil as they attempt to run their business while caring for these precious little ones at the same time!

Who Played the Mom in Daddy Day Care?

The 2003 family comedy Daddy Day Care stars Eddie Murphy as Charlie Hinton, a man who is laid off from his job and decides to open up a day care center with the help of his friend Phil (Jeff Garlin). Anya Monzikova plays the role of Miss Harridan, their strict and uptight adversary. The movie also features Regina King as Kim Hinton, Charlie’s wife and mother to Ben (Khamani Griffin) and Lulu (Lisa Shiloah-Conway).

She helps her husband out by offering childcare advice, helping him set up the daycare facility in their home, and eventually joins them in running it when they find themselves short on staff. As the only woman working at Daddy Day Care for most of the film, she serves as a maternal figure for all the kids enrolled there.

How Old is Khamani Griffin from All of Us?

Khamani Griffin is an American actor and voice actor best known for his role as Bobby Deaver in the ABC comedy-drama series All of Us. He was born on February 28, 2001 in Los Angeles, California and is currently 19 years old. His acting career began at a very young age when he was cast in various television commercials.

From there, he went on to star in his breakthrough role as Bobby Deaver on All of Us from 2003 to 2007. Since then Khamani has gone on to appear in films such as Storm Rider (2008) and Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail (2009). He also had a recurring role on Nickelodeon’s Nicky Ricky Dicky & Dawn from 2014-2017.

In addition to acting, Khamani is also an accomplished voice actor having provided the voices for characters such as Young Simba in The Lion King 1½ (2004), Baby Erisin Boggs–Munroe in Meet the Robinsons (2007) and additional voices for Bolt (2008). With so many accomplishments under his belt at just 19 years old, it’s safe say that Khamani Griffin will continue to be a major player within the entertainment industry for many years to come!

Daddy Day Care Cast


Daddy Day Care 1

Daddy Day Care is a 2003 American comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin as two fathers who start their own day care business. The plot follows two executive dads, Charlie (Murphy) and Phil (Garlin), who lose their jobs in product development at a large food company. To make ends meet they launch their own day care center for children called Daddy Day Care.

Through the ups and downs of running the business, they learn how to be better parents while also discovering that kids can teach them a thing or two about having fun.

Daddy Day Care 4

Daddy Day Care 4 is the fourth installment in the Daddy Day Care franchise, released on June 10th 2021. This family-friendly comedy follows a group of fun-loving dads who open their own daycare center after being laid off from their corporate jobs. The movie stars an all-star cast including Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Rock, Regina Hall and Kevin Hart as they try to juggle work and parenting while running a successful business.

With lots of laughs and heartwarming moments, this film is sure to please viewers of all ages!

Daddy Day Care Full Movie

Daddy Day Care is a 2003 American comedy film starring Eddie Murphy as Charlie Hinton, a father who loses his job and opens up a day care center for children. The movie follows the adventures of Charlie and his business partner Phil (Jeff Garlin) as they navigate the world of running their own daycare facility while dealing with parenting issues along the way. It features an all-star cast that includes Steve Zahn, Regina King, Anjelica Huston, and John Cusack.

With its heartwarming story and catchy songs, Daddy Day Care is sure to entertain both kids and adults alike!

Daddy Day Care Marvin

Marvin from Daddy Day Care is a lovable and caring father who works hard to provide for his family. After falling on hard times, Marvin decides to open up a daycare in order to make ends meet. His dedication and ability to relate with the kids quickly makes him popular among the children, as well as their parents.

With help from his friend Phil, Marvin turns Daddy Day Care into a successful business venture that brings joy and stability back into his life.

Cast of Daddy Day Care Jamie

The 2003 family comedy Daddy Day Care stars Jamie Kennedy as Phil, a stay-at-home dad and former advertising executive who decides to open his own day care center with the help of his friends Charlie (Jeff Garlin) and Marvin (Steve Zahn). While their business struggles at first, they eventually learn how to run an effective daycare while teaching valuable lessons about fatherhood. Kennedy delivers a hilarious performance that adds to the overall lightheartedness of the film.

Daddy Day Care Band

Daddy Day Care Band is a musical group that specializes in playing songs for children. They provide music for birthday parties, family gatherings and other special events. Their music has been described as “funky, upbeat and age-appropriate,” making it perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy!

With a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards, drums and more, Daddy Day Care Band creates an exciting atmosphere that engages the entire family.

Jenny Daddy Day Care

Jenny Daddy Day Care is a unique and innovative daycare facility based in Los Angeles, California. It offers an array of services such as full-time childcare, drop-in care for occasional visits, and onsite preschool classes. Their philosophy is to provide high quality care tailored to the individual needs of each child while fostering creative play experiences that are both fun and educational.

The environment is safe, nurturing, and encourages children’s curiosity through exploration and discovery. With its one-of-a kind approach to daycare, Jenny Daddy Day Care stands out from other facilities by providing exceptional service at a competitive price point.

Daddy Day Care Max

Daddy Day Care Max is an online educational platform that provides resources for dads to become capable daycare providers. With a wide range of activities, videos, and expert advice, Daddy Day Care Max helps fathers gain the skills they need to create a safe and nurturing environment for their children. The program also offers support networks so that parents can share tips and experiences with each other as well as access additional resources for further parenting guidance.


This blog post has been an informative and enjoyable look into the cast of Daddy Day Care. It is clear that each actor brought their own unique talents to the movie, creating a dynamic and memorable experience for viewers. The film was a big success at the box office thanks to its star-studded cast, hilarious comedy, and heartwarming messages about family.

We can only hope that one day we will get to see these actors reunite onscreen once again in another classic adventure!

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