Children’S Mercy Urgent Care

Children’s Mercy Urgent Care is a pediatric urgent care clinic located in Kansas City, Missouri. The clinic provides comprehensive medical services for children and teens from birth to age 21 who require non-emergency medical care. Services include treatment of minor illnesses and injuries such as colds, earaches, sore throats, asthma attacks, sprains and fractures.

They also offer vaccinations against many common childhood diseases like measles and chicken pox. In addition to providing same day appointments for acute illness or injury needs they also provide well child visits for routine checkups or sports physicals.

Children’s Mercy Urgent Care is a great option for families who need prompt medical attention for their kids, but are unable to get an appointment with a regular doctor. With convenient locations throughout the Kansas City metro area, no appointments needed and extended hours on nights and weekends, it is easy to get your children seen quickly by experienced pediatric specialists. Plus, Children’s Mercy Urgent Care accepts most major insurance plans which makes seeking treatment even more accessible and affordable.

What is the Age Limit for Children’S Mercy?

The age limit for Children’s Mercy is 18 years, and each patient must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. For patients who are 16 or 17, they must have written parental consent before any medical treatment can be provided. However, if the patient’s condition requires emergency care or if the minor has given informed consent in writing to the required procedure, then no parent/guardian approval will be needed.

All patients under 12 months of age also require a signed “release to treat” form from their parents or guardians before any pediatric services can be administered. They also have policies regarding minors seeking contraception services as well as mental health counseling without parental permission that may differ depending on individual circumstances.

How Many Beds are at Children’S Mercy Hospital?

Children’s Mercy Hospital is one of the leading children’s hospitals in the country, providing top-notch care and treatment for a variety of pediatric medical conditions. As such, it houses a large number of beds to accommodate patients from all over the region. In total, Children’s Mercy Hospital has 545 patient beds within its facility; this includes both private and semi-private rooms.

Additionally, there are another 500+ chairs available throughout the hospital that can be used during times when more space is needed for additional patients or visitors. The hospital also offers several amenities to make sure patients feel at home while receiving treatment; these include an onsite cafeteria, library services with books geared towards young readers, as well as playrooms with age appropriate games and activities.

Children'S Mercy Urgent Care


Children’S Mercy Nurse Line

The Children’s Mercy Nurse Line is a free, confidential phone line staffed by experienced nurses who are available to provide medical advice and answer questions 24 hours a day. Parents can call the number with any health concerns they may have about their child, from minor illnesses to more serious medical problems. The nurses are knowledgeable in many areas of pediatric care and can offer sound advice on how best to proceed with treatment options or referrals for specialist care.

Children’S Mercy Overland Park

Children’s Mercy Overland Park is a comprehensive children’s hospital located in Overland Park, Kansas. It offers a wide range of pediatric services for children and their families, including general pediatrics, emergency care, surgery, mental health and rehab services. They also offer specialized programs such as the Kids First program which helps to ensure optimal physical and emotional well-being of each child through evidence-based practices that focus on prevention and early intervention.

Their mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare for kids while ensuring family-centered care that honors every child’s unique needs.

Children’S Mercy Clinic near Me

If you’re looking for top-notch health care for your child, the Children’s Mercy Clinic near you is an excellent option. With locations throughout the Kansas City area and beyond, we offer comprehensive pediatric medical care with a focus on compassionate and family-centered care. Our doctors and nurses are highly trained to provide quality medical services in a safe, welcoming environment — so you can rest assured that your little one is in good hands.

Children’S Mercy Northland Clinic

Children’s Mercy Northland Clinic is a premier healthcare provider for children and adolescents in the Kansas City area. It offers specialized pediatric care, including primary care, specialty services, mental health and behavioral health services. The clinic also provides access to specialists from Children’s Mercy Hospital & Clinics.

With experienced doctors and staff dedicated to providing quality healthcare for children of all ages, Children’s Mercy Northland Clinic strives to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for its patients and their families.

Children’S Mercy Locations

Children’s Mercy has multiple locations in both Kansas and Missouri, providing quality care to children throughout the midwest. With 12 hospital-based clinics, 10 urgent care centers, 40 pediatric specialty clinics and 5 ambulatory surgery centers, Children’s Mercy is committed to delivering high-quality healthcare services for families across the region. Additionally, its network of more than 200 outreach sites provides convenient access points for medical care close to home.

Urgent Care near Me

If you’re looking for urgent care near you, there are a variety of options available. Urgent care centers provide walk-in medical services for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries such as colds, flu, minor cuts or burns, sprains and strains. They offer extended hours on nights and weekends when many primary care offices are closed.

You can find an urgent care center in your city or town by using online search tools or visiting the official website of a health network in your area.


In conclusion, Children’s Mercy Urgent Care is an invaluable resource for families in need of quick medical care. It provides a safe and comfortable environment for both the patient and their family, with doctors available 24/7 to provide quality treatment. With its convenient location and extended hours of operation, it is easy to find a time that works best for you.

From emergencies to illnesses or injuries, they are here to help take care of your family’s health needs.

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