Breg Polar Care Cube

The Breg Polar Care Cube is a medical grade cold therapy system designed to provide relief from pain and swelling. It features a unique, easy-to-use design that allows it to be quickly set up and used in any location. The unit includes an insulated cooler for storing the included cold packs, as well as an adjustable pump with three speed settings to control the flow of cold water into the pads.

The Polar Care Cube also offers two temperature settings for optimal cooling benefits, making it ideal for treating many types of injuries or conditions such as bursitis, tendonitis, sprains/strains and post-operative care. With its durable construction and portability, this device is suitable for both home and clinical use.

The Breg Polar Care Cube is a revolutionary cold therapy system that combines the convenience and portability of an ice pack with the performance of a motorized unit. The cube’s compact size allows it to be used wherever needed, delivering consistent cold temperatures up to 45°F for six or more hours without needing to be recharged. It is also lightweight and durable, making it ideal for use in any setting from post-surgery recovery at home to physical therapy clinics.

With its easy-to-use digital interface, adjustable temperature settings and secure straps, this powerful device makes treating injuries easier than ever before.

How Often Do You Use Polar Care?

I use Polar Care about twice a month to help with my chronic pain from arthritis. It’s really helped me manage the discomfort and I’m able to stay active and do things I enjoy without being in too much pain. With the cold therapy that it provides, I can get relief from inflammation and soreness in just minutes.

The convenience of using Polar Care is amazing; all I have to do is fill up the container with cold water, plug it into an outlet, and then place the pads on my affected areas. Then I leave it for 10-15 minutes at a time and feel instant relief after each session! It’s definitely become an indispensable part of my routine when managing any sort of aches or pains caused by arthritis or other conditions.

Do You Need a Prescription for an Ice Therapy Machine?

When it comes to treating pain with ice therapy, many people wonder if they need a prescription for an ice therapy machine. The answer is no – you do not need a prescription for an ice therapy machine. Ice therapy can be used on its own or in combination with other treatments such as physical therapy or medications to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

It is important to note that while the use of an ice machine may provide relief from acute injuries, chronic overuse conditions may require additional treatment options beyond just cold application. Before using any type of device or appliance, it is always best to speak with your doctor about what method might be most beneficial for your particular condition. Additionally, some insurance companies may only cover certain types of machines so it’s important to check into coverage before making a purchase decision.

How Do You Put on a Breg Polar Care Knee Pad?

Putting on a Breg Polar Care knee pad is relatively easy, but it’s important to do it correctly in order to ensure the best results. Begin by sitting down and placing your heel into the bottom of the pad. Make sure that your leg is bent at a 90-degree angle so that you’re able to pull up both sides of the pad around your knee.

Secure each side with its corresponding Velcro strap, making sure they are tight enough for proper support but not too tight as this could cause discomfort or restricted circulation. Finally, adjust the top and bottom straps if necessary for added comfort before standing up. It’s important to remember when putting on any type of compression garment that it should never be painful or uncomfortable during wear; if this occurs then make adjustments until you find a comfortable fit.

With proper use and care, a Breg Polar Care Knee Pad can provide great relief from pain while offering much needed support after an injury or surgery!

How Long Can You Use a Polar Ice Machine?

Polar ice machines are an excellent choice for anyone needing a reliable and efficient way to make sure they always have plenty of cold drinks, snacks, or ingredients on hand. But how long can you expect your Polar ice machine to last? The answer may be longer than you think!

With proper maintenance and care, many customers report having their Polar ice machine up and running for more than 10 years. By following the manufacturer’s recommendations for water filter changes, cleaning cycles, storage tips, and regular use of the self-cleaning mode (if available), you can ensure that your machine will serve you faithfully for a very long time. Additionally, regular professional servicing from a trained technician is often recommended to keep things running smoothly over the years.

So if you’re looking for an appliance that will give reliable service day in and day out for many years down the road – look no further than Polar Ice Machines!

Breg Polar Care Cube


Breg Polar Care Kodiak

The Breg Polar Care Kodiak is a cold therapy system designed to provide relief from pain and swelling, as well as help speed up the healing process. It uses adjustable temperature control which allows you to customize your treatment for maximum comfort and effectiveness. The device is lightweight, portable, and can be used with either a reusable or disposable cold pack depending on your needs.

With its easy-to-use design, this product provides an effective way to reduce inflammation and get back to feeling better faster!

Breg Polar Care Wave

The Breg Polar Care Wave is a cold therapy system designed to provide continuous, comfortable relief from pain and swelling. It features an adjustable temperature range of 20-50 degrees Celsius and can be used with either the included cooling pad or with other compatible wraps. The on-board pump circulates chilled water throughout the wrap for even distribution of therapeutic temperatures.

With its quiet operation and portable design, the Breg Polar Care Wave makes it easy to find relief wherever you go!


The Breg Polar Care Cube is a great choice for anyone looking to manage their pain and swelling. Its effective cold therapy system provides the right amount of cooling to reduce inflammation, while its portability makes it easy to use wherever you need it. With its durable construction, ease of use, and affordability, the Breg Polar Care Cube is an ideal option for those who want reliable relief from their aches and pains.

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