2 Post Car Lifts

A post car lift is a type of vehicle service equipment that is used to raise and lower cars. It consists of two columns, each with its own hydraulic cylinder, connected by an overhead beam. The cylinders are operated simultaneously using a hand-held control unit to ensure the car is raised or lowered evenly.

The height can be adjusted from ground level up to five feet high depending on the model. Post car lifts are ideal for busy auto repair shops as they allow mechanics quick and easy access underneath vehicles without having to crawl around on their hands and knees. They also help reduce strain on mechanics’ backs when lifting heavy parts during repairs or maintenance work.

If you’re looking to improve your home garage, consider investing in 2 post car lifts! These lifts provide an easy and convenient way to access the underside of your vehicle without having to crawl underneath it. With their robust construction, they also make it possible for you to perform a variety of maintenance tasks such as changing oil or brakes on vehicles that are otherwise difficult or impossible to work on.

Additionally, with two posts instead of four, they require less space than traditional 4 post models while still providing reliable lifting power and stability when working on heavier cars or trucks.

What is the Best 2 Post Lift for the Money?

The best 2 post lift for the money is likely the BendPak XPR-10AS. This two post lift offers a variety of features which make it an excellent choice for automotive shops, garages, and other businesses that need to ensure their vehicles are lifted safely. The XPR-10AS has a 10,000 lb capacity and features adjustable arm heights so you can be sure your lifts will be able to support any vehicle you work on.

It also comes with two 6″ single-piece columns that provide superior strength and stability while lifting heavier vehicles. The lift also includes rubber door guards which help protect your shop walls from scratches or scrapes caused by vehicle doors being opened too far during repairs or maintenance procedures. Additionally, the included safety locks allow you to secure each arm in place while working on your car or truck without fear of them slipping out unexpectedly during operation.

All these features combined make this one of the most reliable and cost effective two post lifts available today.

How Thick Should Concrete Be under a 2 Post Car Lift?

When selecting a car lift, one of the most important things to consider is how thick your concrete pad should be in order to safely and securely support the weight of the lift. Generally speaking, for a two post car lift it is recommended that you have at least six inches of reinforced concrete with an even distribution underneath each column. This means that if you plan on putting four columns down (two on each side) then you will need twenty-four inches total thickness under your vehicle hoist.

Anything less than six inches could cause instability or cracking in your foundation, which can lead to costly repairs or potential injury as well as decreased performance from your car lift over time. To ensure safety and reliability from your two post car lift setup, make sure to use the proper amount of concrete thickness when installing it!

How Many Inches of Concrete Do I Need for a 2 Post Lift?

When it comes to lifting a vehicle with a two-post lift, the amount of concrete needed can vary depending on the size and weight of the vehicle. Generally speaking, you should plan on using at least four inches of concrete for your two-post lift installation. The exact amount may depend upon several factors such as the soil type beneath your foundation, size and weight of the vehicle being lifted, and whether or not an additional base plate is used between the posts and concrete pad.

If you are installing in an area that experiences frequent freeze/thaw cycles then more than four inches may be recommended to prevent cracking due to expansion and contraction associated with those conditions. Additionally, if you anticipate needing to use heavier vehicles or equipment on your lift over time then it would be beneficial to pour six inches or greater thickness when possible.

Are 2 Post Car Lifts Safe?

Car lifts are a great way to save time and money when it comes to doing repairs on your car. However, there are some safety concerns that you should be aware of before using one. When it comes to 2 post car lifts, there is an inherent risk associated with them due to their design.

The two posts can cause an imbalance while the vehicle is being lifted, and this can lead to instability or even tipping over if not properly supported. Additionally, the weight of the vehicle must be evenly distributed across both posts in order for the lift mechanism itself to remain stable during use; otherwise it could collapse or start shaking violently, potentially causing injury or damage. It’s important for anyone operating a 2 post car lift (or any other type of automotive lift) to take all necessary precautions such as ensuring that the posts are correctly aligned and that any extra load from tools or equipment is removed from the area beneath the vehicle prior to lifting.

With proper care and maintenance, a 2 post car lift can provide years of reliable service – just make sure you understand how they work so you can safely complete whatever task needs done!

2 Post Car Lifts

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Used 2 Post Car Lifts

Used 2 post car lifts are a great way to add extra storage or workspace in your garage. They provide an easy and inexpensive way to achieve two levels of lifting for cars, light trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and even snowmobiles. With adjustable height settings and multiple locking positions, 2 post car lifts can be customized to fit any vehicle size or type.

In addition to providing additional space for working on vehicles or storing items underneath them, they also offer superior stability compared to their 4-post counterparts.

2 Post Car Lifts Prices

The prices of two-post car lifts can vary significantly depending on the size, quality, and features included. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500 for a basic two-post lift with no extra features or options. On the other hand, if you are looking for a top-of-the-line model with all the bells and whistles (such as an adjustable width feature), then you could be looking at spending up to $6,000 or more.

2 Post Car Lifts near Me

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable way to store two cars in your garage, then post car lifts near you may be the solution. Post car lifts can provide ample storage space while maintaining the aesthetic of your home. They come in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for any size or shape of garage.

Plus, they can often be installed quickly by an experienced technician at minimal cost!

Best 2 Post Car Lift

The best two post car lift is an ideal choice for those looking to save space in their garage or workshop. This type of lift allows you to easily raise and lower your vehicle with minimal effort, making it easy to access areas that are otherwise difficult to reach when working on your car or truck. The two posts provide a stable platform for the vehicle while providing maximum lifting height and safety features such as automatic locking arms and hydraulic cylinders that ensure safe operation.

With its low profile design, this type of lift can fit into most garages without taking up too much space, making it a great option for any automotive enthusiast.

2 Post Car Lifts for Sale

If you’re looking for the convenience of a car lift in your home garage, then check out our selection of two-post car lifts. These two post lifts are designed to fit any sized vehicle and provide excellent support and reach for the bottom of the chassis. With their sleek design, these lifts will look great in any garage setting.

Our two-post car lifts come with a variety of features including adjustable arms, safety locks, low profile platforms and more. Shop now to get your own 2 post car lift today!

2 Post Car Lifts for Sale near Me

If you’re in the market for two post car lifts, there are plenty of great options available near you. Whether you need them for a professional garage or just to have at home, two post car lifts can be found from a variety of stores and dealerships throughout your area. With features like adjustable arms, solid steel construction, and safety locks included on most models, it’s easy to find the perfect lift that fits both your budget and needs.

2 Post Car Lift 10 $0.00 Lb

The 2 Post Car Lift 10 is an efficient and reliable car lift that can accommodate vehicles up to 10,000 pounds. This lift has a durable design and features a sturdy construction for long-term use. The adjustable height allows you to customize the lift to your needs, while its easy-to-use controls make it simple to operate.

With a wide range of accessories available, you can easily upgrade this powerful car lift for maximum efficiency in any automotive shop or garage.

4 Post Car Lift

A 4 post car lift is an incredibly versatile and powerful piece of garage equipment designed for a variety of vehicle maintenance tasks. This type of lift provides easy access to the underside of your car, allowing you to perform repairs that would otherwise be difficult or impossible without it. It also eliminates the need for jacks and ramps which can save time and space in your garage.

Additionally, 4 post lifts are safe and secure while providing plenty of stability as they’re operated using hydraulic technology instead of chains or cables like some other types. For these reasons, a 4 post car lift can be an invaluable asset for any auto enthusiast looking to take their garage setup up a notch.


In conclusion, two post car lifts are an invaluable tool for any auto shop. They make it easy to gain access to all areas of the vehicle and increase efficiency when working on repairs or maintenance. With a variety of sizes and styles available, there is sure to be a lift that fits your specific needs.

Not only do they enhance the safety of your workspace, but they also improve overall productivity in the garage. Investing in one or more two post car lifts will provide you with many years of reliable service and top-notch performance for your auto business.

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