why do cops touch your car


Why Do Police Officer Touch Your Car

At some point, most drivers have experienced a police officer approaching their car and touching it without their permission. It may have been an uncomfortable experience, but it’s one that serves a greater purpose.

To Collect Evidence

One of the primary reasons police officers touch automobiles is the potential to collect evidence that can be used to convict a suspect. For instance, after a traffic stop, an officer may check to see if there are any weapons concealed in the car. In addition, they may be looking for signs of broken glass or other evidence that indicates the car may have been involved in a crime.

To Check for Altered Pieces

Officers can also check for any pieces of the car that have been altered. For instance, they may be searching for a license plate that has been changed to hide the identity of the driver or for any modifications to the car’s mechanical components. This could indicate that the driver is guilty of a crime or is attempting to evade capture.

To Find Contraband

Another reason that officers may touch a car is to search for banned substances. This could include drugs, alcohol, weapons, and even stolen items. By touching certain areas of the car and using advanced tools, officers may be able to locate contraband in seemingly obscure places.


Police officers touching cars is an important part of their job. Not only can it help to identify suspects and collect evidence, but it can also uncover contraband and alert officers to any modifications to the car that may raise suspicion. So, the next time a police officer approaches your car, know that they are just doing their job.

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